Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mini Haul~part II

Hello , Just got home. I'm so tired :/ but i feel like blogging <3

So yeah ! I went to Sm North Edsa a while ago with my Friends - Janelle and Nicole :) 
Bonding galore. hihi,

Meet up with Nicole -to get my orders :">  Thank you sis :)

*Geo Sakura Brown* for only 600 PHP (with Solution) 100% authentic :"> 

Can't wait to try 'em on .. ^_____^ 

next is my MAC wonder woman edition.  *Bright Pink*

PRETTY in PINK *A*  plus the packaging is verryyyy cute <33

whew.  I dropped by to Etude House before going home.

and bought dis super cute nail polish. 44 php each? can't remember. LOL. 

oh btw, i ordered dis kawaii wig from Kospurei Sugar Shop. I paid already :"> all i have to do is wait. KAY! 2-3 weeks. hoho. patience is  a virtue. roflmao.

I'm a bit *crazy-over-wigs* right now. Since i can't dye my hair in light colors coz My mom will kill me and My school might kick my ass out. D'oh!

so yeah. that's my mini haul for today/tonight, >:) zZzzzzZzz. Super LONG weekends :">


  1. nakita ku sina janelle non sa north, :(, bakit wala kana >.<

  2. AWW :( nun after lunch di ko n sya kasama. wat tym mo sya nkta??

  3. Oh wow. I like the wig. :) I wanted to buy one as well but don't really have any use for it even't if I do. I already (semi) quitted cosplay and has been pretty inactive with photoshoots. :(

    <3 Grysh

  4. kasama ko trisha at cheska >.<, mga hapon na kame :((