Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mini Haul~part II

Hello , Just got home. I'm so tired :/ but i feel like blogging <3

So yeah ! I went to Sm North Edsa a while ago with my Friends - Janelle and Nicole :) 
Bonding galore. hihi,

Meet up with Nicole -to get my orders :">  Thank you sis :)

*Geo Sakura Brown* for only 600 PHP (with Solution) 100% authentic :"> 

Can't wait to try 'em on .. ^_____^ 

next is my MAC wonder woman edition.  *Bright Pink*

PRETTY in PINK *A*  plus the packaging is verryyyy cute <33

whew.  I dropped by to Etude House before going home.

and bought dis super cute nail polish. 44 php each? can't remember. LOL. 

oh btw, i ordered dis kawaii wig from Kospurei Sugar Shop. I paid already :"> all i have to do is wait. KAY! 2-3 weeks. hoho. patience is  a virtue. roflmao.

I'm a bit *crazy-over-wigs* right now. Since i can't dye my hair in light colors coz My mom will kill me and My school might kick my ass out. D'oh!

so yeah. that's my mini haul for today/tonight, >:) zZzzzzZzz. Super LONG weekends :">

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mini Haul ^__^

Yays! been busy lately, so yeah! I just wanna share my mini haul, stuffs i bought online and from a mall near my house :3

The package just arrived a while ago when I was in school, I'm excited about dis baby :"> I bought it from Geisha Secret <3 An online shop that sells various kinds of japanese cosmetics. (Make up/s, RopeWigs, Lashes(dolly wink,jewerich,diamond lash. etc) . Thank you Miss Abby for being patient, My payment was a bit delayed coz i've been really busy last week O__O dance practice plus school :/

Anyhoo, Here it is. My Dolly Wink Limited Edtion Lashes and A Facial Mask (yey, Freebie)
Price: 1,530 php + 50 php for shipping

Next one is my US Flag cropped shirt. My mom bought it for me =)

Kawaii, ne? The price is very cheap. around 300 php only =)
When WORN.


Hahaha.  *wink*


Necklace O__O It's been a while since i bought something like dis :'3

The super cute buttons and the ribbon with lace cought my eyes *A* and shiiiing~~
Hello cashier >:)) oh btw, It's only 109 php .. ;) cuuuute but not pricey ;) hohoho.

The other stuffs i bought over the internet ishh (Geo: Sakura brown and MAC lipstick) I'm still waiting for the seller to text me and  then MEET UP :| hehehe.

GOOOOODnight <3

Sunday, August 21, 2011

JPGs: Asian Poses

The Event was organized by Sir Jemille Mendoza. It's called JPG (combined groups of photographers)

The theme is ASIAN POSES. =)  

Yiz!!! New friends again <3 at first, we're all too shy to approach each other. haha. akwardness XD some of the models are old friends of mine. 

special mention to my BFF Nicole (Left) and Jemz *that's ME* (right)  ;p

So yeah, here's a picture of the OZM photographers in yesterday's photoshoot.


Thank you so much for all the hard work. and for making the event successful =) you guys are so funny and makulit. (Sana maulit pa to, in the near future) ;p

And lastly, I wanna Share some of my shots <3



Monday, August 15, 2011


I'm craaaaving for a Large-Chocolate Milk Tea right now :( 
Feeling kind of Frustrated because im so BROKE. hahahahaha. Im saving my money for the stuffs i bought/ordered Online (Yeah, Online shopping agaaiiiiin) gaaaah.

Stuffs to pay for this week

Geo Sakura Brown + MAC lipstick = 1k
26" Human Hair Extensions = 3.5k

wooooooooo. plus i need a hair treatment or sumthing !! =__= that will cost around 3k :/
see? too many "GASTOS" for this month, but yeah! That's a gift for myself. hoho. 

Here's a pic of my favorite drink in -BUBBLE TEA-

I miss you so much choco milk tea Baby :((( haha, i promise. ill see you tomorrow. LOL. no matter how broke i am, imma drink Milk tea <3

and ofc, My favorite Nomnom :D

ChizuMaki ;) Yummmmyyy, ne?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Random Haul ~ ♥♥

Oh well, I feel like posting a blog today (coz i got nothing to do) LOL.

so i wanna share my favorite shopping haul i recently purchased.

The first one is my SWAGGA Shoes. (lolwut?) 

Got 'em for 3,259 PHP = 76.58 USD (Shoe Salon, Trinoma)

I've been eyeing on them since forever =___= i really want the white version. But sadly, they have no size for me. (size 7.5) </3 lol. but then, BLACK looks GOOD. hahaha D: 
i likkkeeeeeeee i liiiikeee <3


Next one is my Majorlica Majorca Skin pore cover  Foundation 

I forgot the exact price tho' , hmmm. 1,400 PHP = 32.90 USD (?) something like that XD

Actually this is a great powder, with a very smooth finish result, very silky, good coverage. Skin Remarker (2-way powder foundation) is my first Majolica Majorca product that i tried on :)
The packaging (2-way cake GOLD case) attracts me the most which is a big big plus point <3

So yeah! i'll just post some super random haul that i have. im too lazy to take pictures of the others , so ill just post the pics of my favorite stuffs as of now :))

*TFS falsies, Maybelline's (BB cream, Angel Fit concealer * lip gloss) kukuryu lipstick (Orange)

*Diamond Lash - Princess Eye*

Im still waiting for my Dolly Wink Limited edition to arrive <3 me gusta !! can'twait ;)

til here :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nothing can stop me >:(

So yeah, i (should) be studying now XD but i'm a bit pissed since my mom keeps on nagging me about my so called online shopping addiction  . since last week kasi sunod2 yung mga dumadating package/s here sa house, lbc/jrs etc +_+ tumigil na daw ako sa pag oorder ng kung ano2 sa mga ganon. LOL, wala naman daw akong trabaho. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH. K!

oh well, nothing can stop me sa pag oonline shopping. dun lang ako masaya saka stress reliever ko yun e. so ang naiisip ko ngayong solution para hindi na malaman ni mommy na umoorder ako is "MEET-UP" nalang ang magging mode of payment ko. errr, yun nga lang hindi na ako makakapag order dun sa mga shops na malalayo? T__T ftw? pero ang balak ko din isa nalang sa mga friends ko papadeliver >:) dun nalang sa house nila .. haha D:

para-paraan lang yan e. basta, bahala na. <33
im forever inlove with online shopping, deal with it >:P

btw, here's my recent buys.
 US flag shorts from - MARIA FASHIONBEAUTY shop ;) :3


ngayon ngayon lang din, kaka order ko lang ULIT. geo sakura brown saka MAC- pink for friday na lipstick  ,, woooo <33 so happy DX

DIET- For Real (!?)

Just wanna share a photo of me - Last year , october 2010

Now, my waist line increased a lot ? lol. like 2 inches or sumthing =___= and my legsss. ughhh :| idk >,<
i need a serious diet. it's so hard to stop eating less D: ako kasi yung tipong, kakain talaga kahit anong mangyari basta gutom ako :/ good thing, im back to dancing. hurrrr. BURN IN HELL FATS >:)

LOLwut?? but seriously, im on a diet now. I eat rice once a day nlng =__= so sana matuloy-tuloy ko na sya. hahaha. wooo. less sweets na din <3

Jemz , Hwaiting !! 

hahaha. baliw lang eno? XD

anyway, had a practice yesterday with Babes Trisha at Anda Gym for our 2ne1 cover grup .. we had a good bonding time <3  late n dumating c Loves franzel, tapos umalis pa agd >:( HMP

*A picture of Me and Babes Trisha while eating our LUNCH, see? diet kami. biscuit and bread lang yan. tapos water <3 hihihi. >:)
anyway, til here. 

baka ma bored kayo magbasa pag hinabaan ko pa yun kwento ko :))

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Confessions of a shopaholic

It's been 2 weeks now, almost everyday akong umoorder ng kung ano anong stuffs sa mga online shops , Nkakaadik kaya. Alam mo yung feeling na, pag nagbbrowse ka ng mga items nila tinatawag ka? haha. sinasabi 'hoy! bilhin mo na ako' lol =___= grabe, swear!! sa 1 week ata nsa 10 thousand nagagastos ko :| hirap pag alam mong may pera, npapagastos tuloy. Ayoko naman ipatago kay mommy yung okane ko, syempre kahit papano naman nagagamit ko yung mga binibili ko,

Ano-ano ba ang mga inoorder ko sa Online Shop/s ?
  • Contact lens/es - Wala, trip ko lang talaga mga lens, it gives you the doll like eyes ee <3
  • Wig/Cosplay Wigs - Isa sa mga pinipigilan kong item n bilhin , pero hindi ko kaya! balak ko nanaman umorder ng 2 wigs, basta before the month ends. bibili na ako nun wig para dun sa cosplay/s ko D: sa ngayon, inuuna ko muna bilhin yung mga bagay n mgagamit ko talaga araw2x
  • Clothes/Accessories/Extensions - etc XD haha, tamad din kasi ako maglalakad lakad sa mga malls minsan pag nagsho2pping, so i alwasy end up buying clothes sa mga OL shops, why so cuuute kc? haha T___T
  • Shoes - OMG! the booooooottsss <3 soo pretty :/ :)))
  • Make up/s - Nyx/Make up palettes <3 etc
1 month to go before my birthday - at iniisip ko na agad kung ano papabili ko kila mommy >:) 
Segway post ~ XD

* @ Kfest 2 , as Minzy

Outfit info :
Top : 300.00 - The ramp Trinoma
Tights: 1,100.00 - Schizo / The ramp Glorietta
Shoes: 3,250.00 - Nike / Shoe Salon Trinoma