Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mini Haul ^__^

Yays! been busy lately, so yeah! I just wanna share my mini haul, stuffs i bought online and from a mall near my house :3

The package just arrived a while ago when I was in school, I'm excited about dis baby :"> I bought it from Geisha Secret <3 An online shop that sells various kinds of japanese cosmetics. (Make up/s, RopeWigs, Lashes(dolly wink,jewerich,diamond lash. etc) . Thank you Miss Abby for being patient, My payment was a bit delayed coz i've been really busy last week O__O dance practice plus school :/

Anyhoo, Here it is. My Dolly Wink Limited Edtion Lashes and A Facial Mask (yey, Freebie)
Price: 1,530 php + 50 php for shipping

Next one is my US Flag cropped shirt. My mom bought it for me =)

Kawaii, ne? The price is very cheap. around 300 php only =)
When WORN.


Hahaha.  *wink*


Necklace O__O It's been a while since i bought something like dis :'3

The super cute buttons and the ribbon with lace cought my eyes *A* and shiiiing~~
Hello cashier >:)) oh btw, It's only 109 php .. ;) cuuuute but not pricey ;) hohoho.

The other stuffs i bought over the internet ishh (Geo: Sakura brown and MAC lipstick) I'm still waiting for the seller to text me and  then MEET UP :| hehehe.

GOOOOODnight <3


  1. Ahhhh you always have cute stuff!.<3
    I want it all!!.

  2. ooohh ur so lucky...
    dreaming to own one lashes from doll wink.. :D

  3. ..,wow! (^__^)* super NICE BLOG!
    I followed you already (♥__♥)
    HOPE you can check out my blog too =)
    Take care and stay pretty ♥