Sunday, August 7, 2011

DIET- For Real (!?)

Just wanna share a photo of me - Last year , october 2010

Now, my waist line increased a lot ? lol. like 2 inches or sumthing =___= and my legsss. ughhh :| idk >,<
i need a serious diet. it's so hard to stop eating less D: ako kasi yung tipong, kakain talaga kahit anong mangyari basta gutom ako :/ good thing, im back to dancing. hurrrr. BURN IN HELL FATS >:)

LOLwut?? but seriously, im on a diet now. I eat rice once a day nlng =__= so sana matuloy-tuloy ko na sya. hahaha. wooo. less sweets na din <3

Jemz , Hwaiting !! 

hahaha. baliw lang eno? XD

anyway, had a practice yesterday with Babes Trisha at Anda Gym for our 2ne1 cover grup .. we had a good bonding time <3  late n dumating c Loves franzel, tapos umalis pa agd >:( HMP

*A picture of Me and Babes Trisha while eating our LUNCH, see? diet kami. biscuit and bread lang yan. tapos water <3 hihihi. >:)
anyway, til here. 

baka ma bored kayo magbasa pag hinabaan ko pa yun kwento ko :))

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