Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dear Wild Wig

YAY! the wig i ordered last month (August 26) arrived yesterday. so fast ayyy???
Oh well, as i've said in my earlier post. I am "crazy-over-wigs" right now =)
the wig ish sooo pretty, like a real hair <33

uwaaa :">

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My birthday.

Oh well, I just turned ** today. AGE IS JUST A NUMBER >:)

Spent the day with my Mom and Nanay @shakey's
Oh my Gahd. i ate too much!  like srsly D:

DIET = FAIL. but it's okay.
It's my birthday anyway :p

Fried chicken, spag , garlic bread and SALAD <3

yummy. andddd my favoorrriiiteeee. brownie a la mode. *drools*

I got a free (1 scoop) ice cream because my mom told 'em that it's my birthday today. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH :P

After eating, I bought school shoes <3 (black doll shoes) but i ended up buying so manyyyyyyyy. 

cheers for the cute floral , leopard doll shoes :)

UWAAAA. sooo cutte





That's it! tomorrow saturday and sunday. (continuous celebration)


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

[mini] Make up haul

Went to Sm north earlier to play DM (drum mania) and GF (Guitar freaks) with my friends, Joan and Ivan. =)

@Tom's World, with Joan =)
*kyaa , we don't have a pic with ivan. he's busy playing :))

After eating our early dinner. We went to Trinoma. A mall in front of SM.
I planned buying 2 stuffs- Revlon Photoready foundation and MAC studio finish concealer , but because i got addicted in playing GF/DM. i've spent my money buying tokens. =_=
*kulang ng 200* :))))

My money can only afford MAC concealer :( I'll go back there tomorrow to buy revlon stuffs. >:D 

so here it is....

The price is 1,000.00 php (23.64 USD)

NC-20 =)

I also went to Saizen. and Bought some make up stuffs from daiso JP.

They're cheap, so i must TRY them. i hope i won't have breakouts with the foundation :)

Til here. ciao!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Otaku Expo 2011

AWSOME DAY with my friends (BFF nicole, Yen, Joan and Lgee)
Sept 3,2011 @ Sm megamall

It's actually a Cosplay Convention, but since my friends aren't cosplaying that day. I've decided not to cosplay too O_O *sorry*

Casual mode / Normal Con goer ;)

I really had fun even though we didn't go inside the venue. we had fun taking pictures, eating, laughing and all *giggles*


*Joan, me, Yen and Bff Nicole*

* Me, joan and BFF nicole *

Funny/Wacky moment. blocking each other's faces!! hahahah >:D

LOL. i look insecure here! hahaha. hey MADAM LGEE. why so fierce? :))

WHOOO. i love them all <3
tiring day, but sooo much fun.

ending this post with a picture of me and Vocaloid cosplayers. ;p