Tuesday, September 6, 2011

[mini] Make up haul

Went to Sm north earlier to play DM (drum mania) and GF (Guitar freaks) with my friends, Joan and Ivan. =)

@Tom's World, with Joan =)
*kyaa , we don't have a pic with ivan. he's busy playing :))

After eating our early dinner. We went to Trinoma. A mall in front of SM.
I planned buying 2 stuffs- Revlon Photoready foundation and MAC studio finish concealer , but because i got addicted in playing GF/DM. i've spent my money buying tokens. =_=
*kulang ng 200* :))))

My money can only afford MAC concealer :( I'll go back there tomorrow to buy revlon stuffs. >:D 

so here it is....

The price is 1,000.00 php (23.64 USD)

NC-20 =)

I also went to Saizen. and Bought some make up stuffs from daiso JP.

They're cheap, so i must TRY them. i hope i won't have breakouts with the foundation :)

Til here. ciao!

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